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Growth Hackers: Use Any Means Necessary

Marketers for start ups are trained to use any means necessary to gain clients/customers. This is growth hacking.

Growth Hacking Definition:

Growth hacking is all about finding creative and clever ways to use your  product, or other technology and content, to get more users or customers – all  with the goal of achieving sustainable growth.

Typically, growth hacking strategies are inspired by data and analytics.  Creativity is required to figure out how to use that data to get more  customers.

In other words, coming up with ‘growth hacks’.


Here is growth hacking 101


Learn SQL for FREE!

SQL or Structured Query Language is becoming essential for marketers working for start ups.  It’s an easy way to control data

Two great reasons why learning SQL is a great idea according to Udemy.:

  • Learning SQL has literally DOUBLED or TRIPLED the speed at which our marketing team can learn & execute.
  • We don’t just learn faster. We learn cooler, more interesting shit.

SQL is all simple stuff once you get the hang of it. Check out these top ten most helpful SQL queries :

1. SELECT * FROM stuff;

This query grabs everything from the table and returns it. If you’re not careful with this query, you could find yourself paging through a long list of results.

2. SELECT COUNT(1) FROM stuff;

Here, the query gets just the number of rows in the table stuff. It’s useful if you have a lot of rows, and just want to make sure there is data there without filling your screen.

3. INSERT INTO stuff (name, age) VALUES (‘alan’, 28);

Inserting more data into a table is as easy as running this query. Specify the columns in the order you want to put the data in after the table name (like (name, age)) and then values you want after VALUES.

4. DELETE FROM stuff WHERE name = ‘alan’;

Deleting is as easy as specifying the WHERE-clause that you want to delete. It’s usually best to run SELECT * FROM stuff WHERE name = ‘alan’; first, to make sure you know what you’re deleting.

You can also use !=, <, >, <=, >= in a WHERE-clause.

5. UPDATE stuff SET age = 30 WHERE name = ‘alan’;

This updates alan‘s age to be 30 using the WHERE-clause. You can also change multiple items like UPDATE stuff SET age = 30, name = ‘george’ WHERE name = ‘alan’;

6. SELECT * FROM stuff WHERE name LIKE ‘%rg%’;

You can use this query to do a wildcard match on a column. In this example, it looks for any row that has rg in the column (like in george).

7. AND and OR

If you want to combine multiple WHERE-clauses together, just use AND and OR. You can run a query like this: SELECT * FROM stuff WHERE (name LIKE ‘%rg%’) AND (age > 25);

Placing parentheses around each item you are ‘ANDing’ or ‘ORing’ together is a good best practice.

8. SELECT name FROM stuff where age > 25;

With this query, you can select just one column — the name-column in this example. You can also grab two columns, with SELECT name, age FROM stuff where age > 25;

You can also rename columns: SELECT name AS n FROM stuff;

9. SQLite3: .schema stuff

PostgreSQL: \d stuff

MySQL: describe stuff;

If you need to discover the schema of the database — what columns it contains — you’ll need to use different queries, depending on which database engine you’re using.


This is an advanced query. It’s particularly useful if you need to figure out why a query is so slow.

You can use EXPLAIN before a SQL statement (or some variant), and it will break down the timings of the various parts of the query. It’s useful for debugging why a complicated query is slow. You can dig even deeper, depending on what database engine you’re using:

This is really easy to learn too. If you want to learn just go to:


I’m in the middle of lessons right now and if I can do it, anyone can do it. It’s FREE to sign up and it’s simple.

This is their simple layout for their lesson guide.


And this is their lessons. You watch videos and take notes on the side. Super easy right?


Just visit https://www.udemy.com/mysql-database-for-beginners2/#dashboard to learn how.

AB Testing creates Progress

Are you like this guy?

ab testing skeptic
Then I’m going to have to side with Mr. Vader

 Have you never wanted to better your web traffic?


ab testing darth vader

If you don’t know what AB testing is then allow me to explain…

A/B testing is a method of marketing testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples in order to improve response rates.

It is very easy to try. Just follow these simple steps explained below.

Begin by using Google’s Website Optimizerab testing step 1

Click on create new experiment to create your first AB test.ab testing step 2

For your first AB test, select the simplest way to start testing fast.

ab testing step 3

Now Google’s wizard will explain the steps to you.

ab testing step 4

That is all the simple steps for creating your very first AB test. Now since it was so fun you are able to continue creating different AB tests until you get the results that you want.

If your still unsure if AB testing is right for you then check out this example and links below.

ab testing example

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Coding: Shifting Space and Time, Digitally

Coding allows you to create your own universe digitally. You can create content and customize it however you want.

coding 1

This is extremely helpful to businesses who wish to create or redesign their own webpage. Coding allows companies to share content in a fun way which will hopefully attract customers.

Coding meets Marketing

Coding is very helpful for marketers. When a company needs help with their webpages, they want marketers to find and solve the problem. This is done through AB testing which uses Coding and Google Analytics.

Marketers are asked to find a problem which may be as simple as getting more customers from looking at product online to purchasing online. Marketers then look at the companies traffic and find where most of the customers left their site, whether it be at the beginning of the purchasing process or the add to cart process. Marketers then use AB testing to find if they can increase traffic. This is done by re-coding the companies website and doing simple things of moving the add to cart button on the page or changing the background color or font.

coding 2

After companies change something in the website they then wait to see if the traffic improves or not and then change it again and again until they feel satisfied that the checkout process is efficient for the customers to purchase the companies products.


Useful Link



Do you even know what Content Marketing is?

Content marketing will change your business!


“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action,” (What is Content Marketing).

The point of content marketing is to understand your target audience in order to best represent your product to them in a way that will make them trust your company over other competing companies. There are three steps for a successful content marketing strategy.

  • Content
  • Social
  • Search

Possibly the most important step is content. Content is broadcasting information about your product to your target audience in a language that they will understand. The key part is knowing the lingo of the people that you are trying to reach.

Social is also important. Having content that can be shared through social media is huge. This allows followers to spread the word of your product. This is key to being searchable.

If your followers find your content excellent then they will share it with their followers which will make your content become searchable. The more your content is spread the more likely that it will be found using Google or another search engine.

Below is an example of a great content marketing strategy from Nike.



Nike has embedded a modern format which allows customers to watch videos, hear amazing inspirational stories, search for content, and check out products. Possibly the most outstanding feature that Nike has embedded into their format is the little emblems of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube which allow you to follow or like each story with the click of a button. This allows their brand to be shared around the world without any further effort to them beyond embedding those tiny emblems.


If you want to learn more about content marketing then check out these helpful links.