Co-Creation: Sounds like a Sexy Marketing Strategy

Co-creation is a form of marketing or business strategy that emphasizes the generation and ongoing realization of mutual firm-customer value.

Sexy stuff right?


According to Esomar, there are four basic steps of co-creation which are:

  • Start out with a phase of more ‘traditional’ ethnographic research with consumers – spend time with them in their places and spaces both offline and online and talking to them about their passions, motivations and aspirations for the future. This involved blogging communities, consumer connects and researcher lead interviews to develop a rich insight base about the target audience in each market.
  • Then use this research to develop a number of insight platforms, and from those develop a number of brand vision statements.
  • Then take these ideas into a co-creation workshop where and work with leading edge consumers in each market – Indonesia and India – to explore the potential for and relevance of insight platforms and brand vision statements. This is not about asking people what they think or whether they ‘like’ or didn’t like the insights. It is about allowing them to tell us through a mix of storytelling and creative game-play what the insight platforms and statements mean to them, what is most resonant, and how they relate the vision and insights to their own lives. Through this process we learnt not only where the central heartland of each potential brand vision lay, but also we saw (rather than asked) which of the potential areas generated most warmth and connection.
  • Following the consumer work, we then ran sessions with the local agency in each market to identify the strongest insights and how they played into the strongest brand vision statements. We used the raw material generated in the consumer workshops to hone and craft impactful language that expressed a brand vision articulated directly from a human and local perspective.


Check out Local Motors co-creation webinar presentation as an example of co-creation which will show you how something like this car below is created.



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