Database Marketing Made “Moneyball” Possible!

Moneyball is a must see movie of a general manager overcoming hardships to alter a losing team into a record breaking team! (Spoiler Alert)

moneyball pic

  • Jonah Hill as Peter Brand
  • Oakland Athletics
  • 20 game win streak
  • Database Marketing
  • Economics

The Oakland Athletics Baseball team lost three of their star players in 2001 after losing to the Yankees in the post-season. The team had no money to recruit new star players. The general manager wanted to come up with a new way of finding players since he was tired of the traditional scouting method. He lost faith in this method after being drafted into the major leagues as a rookie with potential who lost it all. Billy Beane, the general manager, turned to a young economics graduate Peter Brand. Together they worked out a system of looking at the stats of players to come up with the best combined stats rather than just one great player. This was done through database marketing!


After the team had lost 3 star players, the general manager was frustrated that the team could not afford to gain any star players. The general and assistant managers began looking for their players through database marketing. They looked at a database of all of the MLB players. They narrowed their search by filtering to all available players, then by all affordable available players. They then looked at the stats of each player and came up with the best combination of players that they could afford.


The team had a terrible start but picked it up in the second half of the season. Once they started to come together they were able to win games. Once they started winning they couldn’t stop. They had a 20 game winning streak which broke the previous record of 19.

With an amazing season the general manager was approached with a generous offer from the Red Sox. The Red Sox offered Billy Beane $12.5 million to manage for them because of their amazing season.

This proves that if you understand how to use database management that you will have countless opportunities that will pay fortunes.


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