AB Testing creates Progress

Are you like this guy?

ab testing skeptic
Then I’m going to have to side with Mr. Vader

 Have you never wanted to better your web traffic?


ab testing darth vader

If you don’t know what AB testing is then allow me to explain…

A/B testing is a method of marketing testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples in order to improve response rates.

It is very easy to try. Just follow these simple steps explained below.

Begin by using Google’s Website Optimizerab testing step 1

Click on create new experiment to create your first AB test.ab testing step 2

For your first AB test, select the simplest way to start testing fast.

ab testing step 3

Now Google’s wizard will explain the steps to you.

ab testing step 4

That is all the simple steps for creating your very first AB test. Now since it was so fun you are able to continue creating different AB tests until you get the results that you want.

If your still unsure if AB testing is right for you then check out this example and links below.

ab testing example

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