Coding: Shifting Space and Time, Digitally

Coding allows you to create your own universe digitally. You can create content and customize it however you want.

coding 1

This is extremely helpful to businesses who wish to create or redesign their own webpage. Coding allows companies to share content in a fun way which will hopefully attract customers.

Coding meets Marketing

Coding is very helpful for marketers. When a company needs help with their webpages, they want marketers to find and solve the problem. This is done through AB testing which uses Coding and Google Analytics.

Marketers are asked to find a problem which may be as simple as getting more customers from looking at product online to purchasing online. Marketers then look at the companies traffic and find where most of the customers left their site, whether it be at the beginning of the purchasing process or the add to cart process. Marketers then use AB testing to find if they can increase traffic. This is done by re-coding the companies website and doing simple things of moving the add to cart button on the page or changing the background color or font.

coding 2

After companies change something in the website they then wait to see if the traffic improves or not and then change it again and again until they feel satisfied that the checkout process is efficient for the customers to purchase the companies products.


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