Paid media is losing the battle

There are three types of media: Paid, Owned, and Earned media.


Paid media is the most traditional of the three. Every television advertisement, billboard, radio ad, and newspaper advertisement you have ever seen have all been paid media. Now there is a new form of paid media. An integrated form. Paid media is now also advertisements on videos through Youtube and Hulu. There are also paid advertisements on the side of most websites like Facebook.


paid mediaEven though paid media is the oldest version of media and has integrated into digital media, it is still losing the battle to owned and earned media.


owned media


Owned media has become the second in command. Owned media is company websites and search engine optimization for brands. It is more popular that paid media because the customers that visit the company’s website or search for the company are more invested into the company compared to someone who saw an advertisement for State Farm on the side of Facebook.


earned media

Earned media has become the ruler of the three media types. Earned media is loyal followers of brands sharing their thoughts of those brands to the world. This is done through posting a comment about a brand on Facebook, tweeting about the brand, or writing a blog about the brand. This is the highest level of media because the customers are not only the most loyal but they are also freely expanding the reach of their favorite brands through social media.


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