Social Media: The New Form of Word of Mouth… or should I say Word from Fingers

Social Media

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Social media allows us to communicate digitally as we are doing now. People are enabled to create, read, and respond to posts over the internet.

A few years ago this was only possible on computers, but now social media is everywhere. You are able to use your tablets or phones to communicate with your friends, family, and followers.

Word of MouthSocial Media

Once upon a time there was an ancient form of marketing called word of mouth where people spoke to one another about movies, food, clothing, and anything else that they had on their mind. Friends would get together and discuss what movies or concerts they wanted to see because they enjoyed the performers.

Then the invention of the telephone came about and people did not have to be side by side in order to communicate. Word of Mouth was able to travel faster than ever and long distance friends were able to tell one another their personal tastes.

Now a new creation has come forth and made Word of Mouth instantaneous. This creation is known as social media. Now immediately after someone gets out of the theater they are able to write a review and post it on their twitter letting all of their friends, family, and followers know what they thought of the movie. Or if someone is feeling like being obnoxious they can post their thoughts while in the theater. DO NOT DO THAT! IT IS EXTEREMELY ANNOYING!

Anyway, social media has transformed Word of Mouth into Word from Fingers. For instance, if you are a cat lover…Cats on Social Media

If you want to learn more about social media, here are some fun links to help you.


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Word of Mouth


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